"SafeMatch® Enhanced" Developer Program
SafeMatch Enhanced Certification

The SafeMatch® Enhanced partner program lets software developers (including Electronic Medical Record (EMR) and Electronic Health Record (EHR) developers) rapidly and seamlessly integrate industry standard biometric identification into their products. 

Benefits for participating developers include:

  • Enabling significant functional and patient flow enhancements to current and future products.
  • Software Development Kit (SDK) and full technical support for rapid integration.
  • Ability to advertise and demonstrate biometric capabilities, and use the SafeMatch® EnhancedTM logo.
  • Commissions on customer referrals/joint sales.
  • Recognition in Eye Controls advertising.

To interface with EMR/EHR systems and other software products, the SafeMatch® system includes a client that provides a Windows-based identification service that can be "called" from any program using the simple SDK.  The service returns the individual's unique record identifier to the calling program, which can then provide any desired response.  For example, the SafeMatch® service can identify clinical staff for log-in and patients to retrieve and display their EMR/EHR.

OEM and Integrator Support

Eye Controls develops custom products, provides hardware and software products for private labeling, and assists with technical support and special designs to support integrators and OEMs.  

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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The DEA recently announced new regulations that will enable e-prescriptions for controlled substances. The regulations offer a choice of several physician authentication options for e-prescribing. Iris biometric authentication has one of the lowest costs among the approved solutions and is fast, easy to use, and reliable. The SafeMatch® system, with a zero measured false accept rate and a zero measured false reject rate, will meet all DEA requirements and is easily integrated with your e-prescribing software.
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