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Features and Overview

The SafeMatch® clinical ID system supports both positive staff and patient identification. When used for staff ID, the system makes sign-on as simple as looking into a camera, while providing an undeniable audit trail and superior security for patient record, e-prescribing, and other critical online systems. The same hardware can be used for patient ID to immediately locate the right electronic health record at intake and each stage of treatment, preventing medical errors and improving collections.

  • Proven Technology. SafeMatch identifies people by their Iris pattern. The Iris is the colored ring around the pupil of the eye. This pattern is more unique than a fingerprint. Iris identification has been used in international airport, border checkpoint, and Olympic game security operations over the last 10 years with zero identification errors.
  • Your Eye is Your ID Number.  A patient or staff member that is enrolled in the SafeMatch® system merely looks into the handheld camera to be identified. Iris Recognition Technology has been validated as the most accurate of all biometrics by NIST and rapidly translates the pattern in the subject's eye to any unique number and returns it to the software application.  For example, pattern data can be linked to a: 

1. Medication, transfusion and procedure verification system

2. Unique Patient Identifier (UPI) assigned by a facility for accurate record retrieval

3. Master Patient Index (MPI) number for RHIO, HIE or insurer use  

4. Staff ID number or National Provider Identifier (NPI) for record access control and e-prescribing

  • Prevents Duplicate Records. The enrollment process instantly checks the database for existing enrollments of the eye, preventing the assignment of a second unique identifying number to a person who already has a record in the database.
  • Supports All Medical Software. Once a SafeMatch® server is in place, our handheld USB camera can be installed in any computer on the network to make the SafeMatch® ID service available to the applications running on that computer.  Software developers can integrate SafeMatch® identification functions into their applications using a simple SDK, or the SafeMatch® system can fill a selected field in an existing application. 
  • Affordable. Iris ID systems designed for airport, government, and military security are too expensive for medical applications. We designed SafeMatch® products from the ground up for health care applications. The unique, patent-pending SafeMatch® camera and architecture brings the same core technology used in those expensive systems to your clinic at a affordable price.
  • User-Friendly. The system is easy to use, safe, fast, accurate, touch-free, and readily accepted by patients and staff.

Positive Patient ID:  Good Medicine, Good Business

The medical case for positive patient identification was established over 2,000 years ago when Hippocrates taught us "Above all, do no harm."  Now there's a clear business case too. The SafeMatch® system is a patient safety tool that can reduce quantifiable costs like:

  • Malpractice liability
  • Cost unreimburseable treatment of patients injured by errors
  • Administrative fines

These savings easily make the case for SafeMatch® positive patient ID. We also prevent costs that are too big to fit in a spreadsheet, like grieving families and staff, and the long-term business impact of negative publicity.

Applications and Capabilities

The versatile SafeMatch® system can be configured to deliver identifications to any software product. The system can be configured to perform a variety of applications, including:

  • Positive medical staff identification for login and access to secure areas and equipment
  • Positive patient identification
  • Enables EHR interoperability
  • Supports RLS operations
  • Verifies patient presence to control access to RHIO/HIE records
  • Instantly retrieves the right patient record for diagnosis and for adding new information
  • Secure Login for HIPAA compliance--protects patient privacy
  • Combats Medical Identity Theft
  • Improves quality of care, prevents medical errors
  • Positive match of patient to medication
  • Ensures that test results and diagnoses go into the right record
  • Insurance and claims verification
  • Locates correct record for adding clinical data
  • Identification when taking lab samples
  • Identification before performing procedures
  • Can be used in hospitals, clinics, urgent care, medical offices, RHIOs, and insurers
  • Prevents and identifies duplicate records

The veteran Eye Controls team has been successfully deploying iris recognition systems for public and employee identification and access control since 1999. These systems have a demonstrated track record for reliable 24/7 operation in installations around the world.

Designed for Security and Privacy

Wouldn't you be concerned if your bank let you make a withdrawal without proper identification? Accurate identification processes are essential to preserving patient privacy and improving care. The SafeMatch® identification system has a robust client-server architecture and uses encrypted Internet Protocol communications over existing networks to obtain identification information from the secure server.  Each record on the server has binary iris pattern data and a unique identifying number assigned at enrollment.  Personal information and medical records are maintained by the organization's existing systems. The iris pattern data is useless outside the SafeMatch® identification system. Thus, the system prevents unauthorized access and ensure that only the correct record is obtained, without compromising personal information or privacy.

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The DEA recently announced new regulations that will enable e-prescriptions for controlled substances. The regulations offer a choice of several physician authentication options for e-prescribing. Iris biometric authentication has one of the lowest costs among the approved solutions and is fast, easy to use, and reliable. The SafeMatch® system, with a zero measured false accept rate and a zero measured false reject rate, will meet all DEA requirements and is easily integrated with your e-prescribing software.
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