Case Study in Urban Health Plan

Medical facilities are searching for better ways to:

  • Accurately match patients to their electronic records, medications, and procedures to prevent errors.
  • Authorize and track staff access to patient records, e-prescribing, and other key functions.

Our products provide positive patient identification (PPID).  Our systems eliminate wrong-record errors and duplicate records, prevent medical errors, improve service and staff efficiency, and prevent fraud and medical identity theft to comply with red-flag requirements.  Watch a three minute video case study of SafeMatch® implementation at Urban Health Plan, a leading New York City provider.  Urban Health Plan received the 2009 Davies Award for its innovation in electronic medical records, including the use of biometric patient ID.

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The SafeMatch® system was tested in Comparative Biometric Testing Round 7, an independent evaluation performed by the respected industry firm International Biometric Group (IBG) under international standard procedures. 
The SafeMatch® system delivers superior performance, reliability, and ease of operation, at a fraction of the cost of any other iris system. Contact us for more information!
The complete testing report can be downloaded here.
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