Company Overview

Eye Controls was founded in 2007 by a team of engineers and executives who had worked together in the biometric industry since 1999 successfully deploying iris recognition systems for public and employee identification and access control. The team initially developed iris identification systems for airports and immigration services around the world with a demonstrated track record for reliable 24/7 operations. Eye Controls was established to design a cost-effective commercial implementation of this powerful technology and provide ID solutions needed in healthcare and other industries.

Since 2007 Eye Controls has designed, manufactured and marketed  the patent-pending SafeMatch® biometric iris identification system to healthcare facilities across the country. After a brief one-time registration, SafeMatch® instantly identifies any patient who glances into the low-cost, handheld LifeSaver® iris camera that plugs into the USB port of any computer. SafeMatch® prevents medical and record-keeping errors by accurately matching patients to their records, medications, and procedures. SafeMatch also provides rapid log-in for nurses, doctors and other hospital staff to secure medical records, e-prescribing, and other key applications. 

Eye Controls continues to be a leader in the clinical ID industry with state of the art products using leading edge technology.

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Our installation at Urban Health Plan was featured in a CNN news report. For more information see article.
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